20 KGR keyword research that will rank fast

Want to rank on google?

So you came to the right place, I will do in-depth keyword research by KGR( Keyword Golden Ratio)method.

What is KGR?

KGR is just a method through which a person can easily rank on google.

KGR Formula:-

(#allintitle results) / (search volume) = KGR Ratio <0.25, 0.25-1.00, 1.00<.

Application of KGR method;-

  • If the ratio is less then or equal to 0.25, then your website/blog can easily rank.
  • If the ratio is between 0.25 to 1, then the competition is a little high.
  • If the ratio is more then 1, then the competition can say is much high.

Important note:-

KGR has some exceptions too as if the keyword has the kgr ratio of 0.25, but a high domain authority domain is ranking on it, so it will be difficult to rank, so I will find the KWs, which will help you to rank on 1st SERP.

I will provide:-

  • You the<0.25 KGR.
  • You the search volume of 50-250.
  • KGR results of every term.
  • Long-tail keywords.

The tools I will use:-

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush.
  3. WMS Everywhere(chrome extension)
  4. Ubersuggest – Neil Patel.