Full-stack Digital Marketer, Ex-Googler located in the Heart of Silicon Valley. Over 3 years digital marketing experience working with Enterprises, Mid-level Enterprises, SMBs and small websites.

Have you dropped in ranking after purchasing Blackhat backlinks? I will help find all your negative backlinks using the Search Console integration and SEMRush. Discover and remove potentially dangerous backlinks. Build out a disavow list with toxic domains. Send toxic backlinks to the Google’s Disavow tool

I will evaluate all your backlinks and immediately tell you how high your risk of being penalized. During the analysis process, I will take into account each toxic signal’s frequency and importance. See below for toxic signal examples:

  • High link density from referring pages & paragraphs
  • De-indexed domains
  • Malicious pages
  • Spam TLD
  • Poor backlink profile
  • HTTP status error (4xx & 5xx)
  • Blog post signature spam
  • Page comment spam
  • Money anchor texts

and more!

You will need to have Google Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools to submit disavow lists.