I will add music or sound effects to your audio or video

Capture the attention of your audience by adding music or sound effects. Adding professionally recorded production music or sound effects to any audio or video makes it more interesting. This service includes
Up to 5 sound effects per 60 seconds OR a royalty-free music bed mixed directly to your single video or audio file NOTE: THE INDIVIDUAL SOUND EFFECT OR MUSIC TRACKS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
Perfectly synced to the audio or video
Your original project returned in the same format with the music or sound effects added
If your project is longer than 5 minutes, please message me before buying it.

This service is ideal for adding music to:
Radio or TV ads
Podcast Opens and Closes
Phone Greetings
Website and Social Media Videos

Add sound effects too:
Video Game Videos
DJ Drops
Halloween Haunted Houses
Logo Reveals
An example of sound effects includes household sounds, outdoor sounds, animals, electronics, game sounds, explosions, music notes, weather, etc.

Please note: I don’t offer music beds or sounds effects as stand-alone files.

Any questions, just message me.